Automated Concept Store

Mama11 Concept Store

Simplicity & Convenient

We live in society where its pace keeps moving faster and faster every day. Convenience and time-saving shopping is the key success of retail business today. Mama11 Mart has been actively doing research and development in retail automation Field since year 2012.

We have identified the needs and desire of the public By offering them an easy and convenience shopping Experience through vending machine.

Convenience Store Layout

Machines Layout

Convenience Store

We replace sales person by using vending machines
What’s the benefits ?

• Reduce work force
• Automated retailing
• Greatly reduce burglary
• Increase stock-up 30%
• Elegant & orderly product display
• Flexibility product range
• Attractive interaction
• Systematic and easy monitoring
• Easy to control

Mama11 Mart Centralize management relocated work force and maximise efficiency to service outlets.